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"Children will have the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete in sports events while their parents, family members, and peers can watch and cheer them on. These events will create a positive experience that will encourage children to engage in sports activities and develop an interest in a healthy lifestyle in the coming years."

Tournaments: Schedule

London Minibasket and Hackney Wolves Basketball Club bring to primary schools the opportunity to participate in an inter-school basketball tournament. During our tournaments, we will create a festival environment where there will be multiple games running, learning opportunities, music, various speakers, prizes & awards.


To participate, schools must enter a team of girls and/or one for boys formed of 8-10 children in years 5 & 6

Each team will play at least 3 games and there will be 5 team spots available for girls and 10 for boys on a first come first serve basis.

Game Day

On the game day, teams will be accompanied by the school teacher. The referees for the games will be senior basketball coaches who will run a 10-15 min teaching lesson before each game as a warm-up.  Our senior coaches will manage the game and atmosphere accordingly. There will be a specific code of conduct that will be shared before the event.

Parents and family. There is a designated gallery on the first floor, where the parents can support their children and cheer them on. Parents must follow a code of conduct that we will share on the arrival of the event.

Please click below to access the timetable for the tournament. 


Our primary school competition will happen on Wednesday 3rd July at Mulberry Academy Shoreditch.

Arrivals9.15 - 9.45 am. 

Ends: 2.30 pm

Address: Mulberry Academy Shoreditch, Gosset St, London E2 6NW

Please fill up the form below to apply, DEADLINE  for registration ends on Friday 12th June

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