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Children will be able to compete and demonstrate their skills whilst their parents, family members and peers are watching and cheering them on. 

These events will create a positive experience that will touch children´s feelings and it will help in their interest in a healthy lifestyle in the coming years.

Introduction into competition

Our basketball tournaments will be where the magic happens. We would like to make participate as many children as possible and make it accessible to everyone. For many, this will be the first time they go to an event where they will be competing in our exciting tournaments.

We will be running 4 tournaments throughout the year before the end of term. We will invite 6-12 teams from partners' local schools. On the tournament day, there will be several games running at the same time, creating a unique sports environment.

  • We encourage parents to attend and we will have designated areas where parents can watch and other areas where children can also interact in between them. There will be a specific code of conduct for parents in place.  ​

  • The responsibility of each team is under the coach and parents. The coach will be the PE teacher from the school or one of our coaches, who will be able to lead the team on the day.  

  • Each game will be played under the "Passarella" rules, where every kid gets the same time on the court in between the first 3 quarters of the game, allowing each of them to have the same opportunities to develop.

  • Our organization will provide accredited referees and table officials for the tournament. 

  • Policies and procedures will be shared with schools participating in the tournament. 

  • Tournaments will be local with no more than 30-40 min distance by public transport of each school. 

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